First Things First

I’m not sure if what I’ve poured all of my hard work and effort into will actually lead me to the path I want to walk in life.

I accepted you for who you are. Why won’t you do the same for me? #collegedecisions

So, so tired of being disappointed. Waiting for somebody to recognize that I am more than just a number.

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In case you didn’t know, I kind of miss what we had, even though I’m not really sure if it was anything at all.


I always thought that the words “to you” were absolutely beautiful and in a way, extremely poignant.

Only the sender and the receiver would know who the “you” refers to, while the rest of the world is left to their own thoughts and interpretations.

Send My Love to HK (Parts 1-8)

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1. MTR ride = crossing paths in life
On a MTR, you share a space with complete strangers for a finite amount of time. Some enter and some leave, while others stay behind. In life, you cross paths with many individuals with whom you may or may not forge relationships during your time together. These connections ultimately end as you go your separate ways in pursuit of the next destination.

You can talk about probability,  as it’s a miracle that some of us even met. You can talk about fate, as perhaps some of us were meant to be. You can talk about courage, as I don’t think I would have had the guts like you did to say hi.

2. Friends would never let time or distance separate them.

3. Friends who understand that settling is not an option

and that a better future is possible if enough hard work is put in are admirable.

4. Late-night car rides lead to the best deep, meaningful conversations. (7/7/17)

5. Privilege is a commodity passed between wealthy families who lounge on furniture and dine on meals that others can only imagine as they walk pass the windows of a brightly lit department store and smell the scent of decadent meals prepared over cedar wood. Privilege is locked behind glass doors who shy away from public eyes but are just as easily opened by gloved butlers who escort esteemed guests in. Privilege is an extra ordinary necessity for those who compromise the 1%. The Wan percent.

6. “Don’t be afraid to take a shot.” -an aspiring DJ

7. I like to take my glasses off every once in a while. The world becomes a little fuzzier, a bit more unclear. What was once sharply defined with harsh lines becomes a fuzzy mirage in the distance. The world itself can be an uncertain grey mess. When you go to the optometrist and are asked one or two, the questions don’t necessarily stop there; you’re asked about three or four, and five or six follow soon afterward. During these hazy moments that I remove my glasses, the black and white become a beautiful grey that in a way better defines how I see the world, a mess of countless options and the unending pursuit for a better definition of things as we know them.

8. I miss not feeling lonely.


I’m glad that humans have sensory adaptation or else we would constantly be overwhelmed by our senses, thoughts, stress, and nostalgia.

To You

“How amazing is it to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.”

Get yourself a boy who:

  • has dreams and hopes for a better future
    • will work for a better future
      • is willing to work for a better future
  • asks to keep in touch
    • actually keeps in touch
  • encourages you to try new things and to be open to new experiences
  • believes that he will be happy no matter where life takes him
  • believes in you
  • shows you that failure is okay

“You keep in touch with the people you care about; that’s why I didn’t cry.”

Past Thoughts

“It takes 10 times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.”

A couple years ago, a 2 hour-long bus ride threw a pair of strangers into a roller coaster of weird coincidences and relatable stories. It’s funny how life can throw two individuals with so many similar interests, pasts, and passions and still have both leave as happier and fulfilled individuals without any remaining sense of attachment.

How can one define the correlation between happiness and success?
Why did I make this blog?
Happiness can be so short-lived that it leaves you gasping for more like air.

Essay Ideas+Inspirational Quotes

Essay ideas:

Notecard goals (comparison before high school, during high school, after high school, daily goals, life goals)


“Being perfect is what is stopping you from being good.” -Isabella Fons

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” -John Steinbeck

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