First Things First

I’m not sure if what I’ve poured all of my hard work and effort into will actually lead me to the path I want to walk in life.

A place to write out my 3am thoughts, deepest desires, and wishful thinking

On the internet of all places

Where things you think you own and have control over

Are there for all the world to see

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Good surprises

A lot of good surprises




The first person you tell good news to

and the person you turn to when things fall apart


When the fboy treats you right

and the nice guy is a jerk

“‘Cause for a moment a band of thieves in ripped up jeans got to rule the world”


“Now, most of the time we’d have too much to drink
And we’d laugh at the stars and we’d share everything
Too young to notice, and too dumb to care”

We were a story that couldn’t compare


Me: “I had a party at my house last month.”

My Canadian friend: “Oh so you were partying in the USA”



Somehow the most important person in my life

became a stranger again

I wish you all the best

and hope that you treasured our time together

as much as I did

I went on my phone

trying to distract myself from the fact that moments like these

that I will replay in my mind for countless nights

are so fleeting

brutally fleeting


you hold onto something and never let go

only to have it slip through your fingers

like water leaking out of cupped hands


You weren’t on your phone

for once

fully present

barely glancing at what I handed you

so that you could focus on the time we shared

those fleeting seconds

fleeting words


“Every once in a while i feel a little blue when i get overwhelmed with complications of life..the walls cave in, my mind fills with fears for the future, uncertainties of everyday, & things i need to do but haven’t gotten done- things that build up all together to tell me that im not doing good enough.  i have known it all too much growing up, and i wish that it isn’t one you feel.

it is not a bad life to have a bad day, or a bad week. what has made all the difference is coming to realize that those bad feelings are part of life, not life itself.

at the end of the day, we are one of millions to get this chance to live, experience, and see the world before the next. i don’t need to feel significant in order to live out my days very significantly”


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