Three-The Power Number

Dear College Admissions Office,

I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept the fact that you deemed my hard work from all these years as worthless. Did my passion and drive amount to nothing? Did my “extremely rigorous course load” and “diverse range of extracurricular activities” become as significant as the type of font on your cereal box? I can feel the breeze from yet another door slammed in my face before I even had the chance to knock.

How dare you reject my efforts. In fact, how dare you reject the efforts of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of students who only want to acquire a higher education in order to launch a stable career, satisfy strict parents, fulfill the expectations of peers, or do so for the sake of learning itself. To add fuel to the fire, you increase your tuition, as if there are not enough things for me to worry about. Now am I not only faced with rejection, but also with the possibility that I may not even be able to afford the opportunities given to me.

My future is growing increasingly murky; what used to be a panel of glass is now a wall of steel. I now have more questions to answer.

Where will my home be for the next four years?

Will I be happy?

Will I be successful? (Notice how this is separate from the previous question.)

Will life always be this unfair?

And most importantly: can you feel my pain?



Class of 2017


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