Dear Cornell,

Honestly life feels like such a crapshoot sometimes. It just knocks you down and you flounder around, seeking an outstretched hand in the darkness only to find that you are completely alone.

It is profoundly clear that I still need to improve. As of now, I don’t even know if I am working for myself or for the approval of others. Isn’t the only way you advance in life through the approval of others? I have yet to find evidence to prove otherwise.

My passion is slowly burning out. I used to care a crap ton (and still do), but as I’m starting to see the panel of glass start to fog and fracture at all sides, I’m not so sure anymore.

Don’t give me the competitive major/highly qualified applicants crap; I’ve read those exact words seven times and do not need a reminder of my failure.

The weight on my shoulders and in my heart is starting to be too much for me to bear. It is only a matter of time when everything falls. Everyone falls. We fall in love; we fall out of love; we fall down.


The Girl Who Cared


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