“Growing up has made me numb

I want to feeling something again”

I’ve forgotten how nice it is not to have to make the first move.

To Those Nights

Summer nights smell like earth and pine trees that cover the dark sky. Bright city lights are sprinkled across the land in the distance. Summer nights smell like a three-course meal featuring a beach-side bonfire with a dash of good company and spilled secrets for dessert. They smell like home and comfort and memories of days long past.

To those nights,

I can’t help but smile.


Humans have set goals for themselves since the beginning of time.

Find a beast; kill a beast; eat a beast.

Even as we advanced through the different ages and watched the rise and fall of civilizations, we have still set expectations before ourselves.

These goals were colorful, chalk lines drawn on the grey sidewalk, happy faces in red pen on test papers, rolls of cream paper tied with ribbon, and college acceptance letters received in the mail.

Except out of the 7.5 billion humans on earth, there are bound to be individuals who slipped through the cracks under our feet as we made our way up the ladder we labelled “success.” There are bound to be goals that were dreamt of and fantasized about but never fulfilled.

There is bound to be disappointment, and yet we never fail to remain seated in the ferris wheel of dreams and go around again in this endless cycle of doubt and fear. The chance for success glues us to our seats and blurs our vision so that the murky possibility of failure is a minor smudge on our view of a perfect reality.

I made a goal today to find a reason to be happy.

Yes, I continue to make goals.

Yes, MANKIND continues to make goals,

and it may be the most brilliant or idiotic feat of our time.


We could happen*

But nothing changed


We could have happened**



*We could have happened

**We could happen

Seeking Kindness

I don’t usually share these things, but this is very important to me. My friend’s sister collapsed during volleyball practice and ended up in the hospital. It turns out that she has a birth defect that wasn’t detected until that incident. It would really, really help if you could share or/and donate to help my friend’s family pay for their medical expenses. Thank you. 🙂


Don’t settle when you know that you have the potential to achieve something greater.

Happy day. 🙂

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