You knew me as the girl who never stopped smiling

but little did you know

it was you who made me smile



The second before you write in someone’s yearbook,

you reflect on everything you’ve been through

all of the classes, group projects, tests, lectures, stress, and relief

all of the clubs, service projects, hour sheets, and meetings

all of the banquets, award ceremonies, scholarships, and speeches

even the smallest things

like saying hi during passing period or asking each other for homework

or getting reassurance that there will be better days and that the hardship will not last

the hugs, the talks, the tears, and the smiles

You think of all of these things and write

You write about the past

You write about the present

You write about the future

You bundle a short story that will make you smile when you look back

and a few well-wishes for all passionate endeavors

into a few lines of text on white glossy pages

You hand back 4 years of friendship summed up in a few lines of text back to the friend you made

the person you saw in the hall you never thought would mean so much to you

the fellow classmate you never thought you would share so many things in common with

the stand partner who was there for you on all those sleepless nights

the close friend you talked to on a daily basis

the cute guy down the hall who never failed to make you smile

the teacher who absolutely changed your life

the underclassman who was inspired by you

the upperclassman who you aspired to become

These heartfelt words and memories

mingle with the heartfelt words and memories from others

When all is said and done

and there is just you and this book

this yearbook

you will know that you were there for others

and that others were there for you

and that you have become a much better person

and that if you fell in a forest

you would definitely make a sound.


Why things are not that bad

  1. Brita water filters all over campus
  2. fresh crepes ON campus
  3. charging station lockers at the library
  4. the library
  5. lively engl 1b discussions
  6. interesting math 5c lectures (calc AFFFF)
  7. chem lab group
  9. circle k friends
  10. opportunity to prove them wrong, whoever “them” refers to

Life Goals

  1. Travel to Paris, France and eat ratatouille and crepes.
  2. Complete all of my summer goals DURING summer.
  3. Wake up and not stare at a screen for a majority of my day.
  4. Look forward to the week rather than just the weekends.
  5. Do things that I’ll say I’ll do but never get to.
  6. Explore a new city by myself.
  7. Watch another total eclipse.
  8. Learn how to cook everything that I love to eat (from my mom).
  9. Drink less boba/tea and more water.
  10. Be able to say that “I made it”
  11. Travel to Toronto, Philadelphia, Norcal, Minnesota, Singapore, and Australia to meet friends I have never met.

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