Key Club ✓

Cedars-Sinai ✓

Circle K International ✓

Boeing ✓


Amgen ✓

Who would have thought that I’d make it this far?

You win some, you lose some.



Wow, this is beautiful.


*playlist starts playing “Say No To This”*

me: NO

Death doesn’t discriminate

Love doesn’t discriminate (between the trash and non trash)

Life doesn’t discriminate


Be the guy who crossed the room with his broken leg and crutches just to talk to you. 🙂

To Do

Know your own worth. Don’t you DARE let anyone tell you otherwise.

Set your standards high.

Don’t settle. You don’t advance in life that way.

Don’t apologize if you didn’t do anything wrong.

Pulling your own weight on a sinking ship doesn’t save the crew.  Jump overboard. Row your own boat. Make it to shore because you put in the work to survive.

And lastly, love yourself.

Run a mile. Make yourself proud. Make a difference. Leave a legacy. Don’t leave anything up to chance.

You have the opportunity to be anything you want in this world. Don’t be his. Be yours. Be yourself.

Be brave, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, passionate, honest, active, confident.

Be prepared for what there is to come and everything to follow.


LMAO don’t call yourself an expert if you clearly don’t have the knowledge to back it up. Please.


The clock is ticking

and the shoreline is approaching

closer and closer

It’s the last breath you take before diving into the pool

the last click of the metronome

the last step before you reach the door

the last moment before everything changes


“If we lived forever, maybe nothing would seem important.”

-Michelle Weber

We would always have a tomorrow

We would always have a second chance

Would anything we did even matter

if we always had a tomorrow to depend on

for what we wanted to happen to happen?


Shout-out to whoever set the playlist at this restaurant

You must be as sad as I am LMAO

10/10 approve of your taste in 2008-2009 music

Her: A Concept

You fall in love with your OS

You drop your OS

The screen cracks

But your OS would still be just as beautiful

just as real

the same person you fell in love with in the first place

Her. A concept.

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