“That’s the thing about life; it is fragile, precious, and unpredictable, and each day is a gift, not a given right.”

-Holly Butcher



MKHS MFD (2010-2018:

6th Grade=looked up to BW MFD team members

7th Grade= BW MFD team, Sudoku team member, 4th place overall (clean first-fourth sweep)

8th Grade= BW MFD team, Sudoku Team Captain, 3rd place overall (clean first-third sweep)

Freshman= Sudoku Proctor, MFD volunteer, MFD Coordinator (Feb/March)

Sophomore= MFD Coordinator, named and helped create Group Math Jeopardy, Matherhorn, Topic of the Day; Approximath, Gallery Walk, Dramathic, Final Round; Approximath Lead Proctor, Final Round (Jeopardy/Slideshow) Proctor, Awards Ceremony Intro Emcee

Junior= MFD Lead Coordinator, Math Club President (Feb/March), Awards Ceremony Emcee, reconfigured structure of Math Club and Math Field Day, implemented subcommittee system

Senior= MFD Lead Coordinator, Math Club President, Awards Ceremony Emcee

Freshman^2= Topic of the Day Judge, Grading Room, compiled list of winners, awarded medals and Final Round trophies

Best compliments I’ve ever received:

#1: “You look like the type of person who likes to learn.”

#2: “Are you visiting for the weekend?

(Me: No)

Don’t you go to Berkeley?”

3:42 AM

It was 3:42 am

and time slipped by

like water leaking out of cupped hands.

No matter how tightly you squeezed your fingers together,

drop by drop, your time leaked out.

The world was quiet and dark

and all you could hear was the sound of your breathing

and the hum of the refrigerator.

The richest man in the world can never buy the seconds back

Neither can the most accomplished man, who was the first in everything.

But the ones who give the most love

The ones who give all their oxygen to those who can already breathe,

They are the ones who have all the time in the world.


Begin Again

“Secrets” AND “Hey, Soul Sister” on the radio within a few minutes of each other? BLESS.

Sometimes you just have to be the “bigger” person.


For the first time in a long time

I feel happy

truly, completely happy

not because of you

but because of me

and how far I’ve come these past few months

emotionally, physically, and intellectually

I can do things without feeling judgement

I can do things without your criticizing them


I can do all the things I wanted us to do together but never will

Perfectly Imperfect #39

“It was just an eyeopener of how reckless some people are with other people’s feelings…

putting another person’s needs and wants and your relationship as an accessory to your life instead of an actual person with red blood and thoughts and a soul and you treat them as a second person”

I thought actions spoke louder than words.

To Do

  • hike w/ chem+bio group
  • shopping trip
  • make myself proud
  • learn how to play the soundtrack from Her on the piano
  • learn how to make pasta from scratch
  • make good crepes from scratch

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